Diversity Institute for Faculty Development

Faculty Webinar:
Developing Online
Learning Communities

What is the
Graduate Student Teaching Initiative?

This brief video feature highlights the Graduate Student Teaching Initiative (formerly TA Services), which offers a number of services for graduate students, teaching assistants/fellows, and faculty who supervise and support graduate student teaching.

Facilitating Difficult and Sensitive
Conversations in the Classroom

Instructional Accessibility @ Pitt

This website offers recommendations and resources to help
you evaluate and improve the accessibility of your course
materials in order to better serve the vibrant and diverse
community at Pitt.

Building a video game in higher ed

By: Jacqueline Dunbar-Jacob and Joe Horne For the past two years, the School of Nursing worked closely with the Teaching Center to conceptualize, construct, test, and implement a video game for nursing students. The game is called PsychOut!, is played on the iPad, and is designed to teach players about using…

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Learning outside your comfort zone

“When we learn something outside the comfort zone, we attempt to acquire knowledge or skills in an area where we’re lacking. Part of the discomfort derives from learning something we anticipate will be difficult. We have no idea how to do it, or we think it requires abilities we don’t…

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Identifying and helping at-risk students

“Faculty members and graduate student instructors can play a key role in identifying ‘at-risk’ students or, more specifically, students who are likely to fail or perform poorly academically. Factors linked to poor academic performance vary widely, and include mental health status, social anxiety, socio-economic status, insufficient academic preparation, poor study…

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